Auditing is at the heart of Dianetics/Scientology. The person being audited holds the 'cans' of an E-meter and is asked a series of questions. A drastic movement of the needle is taken as indicating a significant emotional reaction to the subject and the need for deeper questioning.

When the needle 'floats' this is regarded as proof that the problem no longer worries the auditee. All questions, answers and E-meter readings are recorded in the subjects 'Pre-clear folder'. Should the subject later be regarded as hostile to Scientology, this folder will be searched for incriminating material to blackmail or discredit the subject.

" Contrary to the assurance of confidentiality, all "auditing" files are available to Scientology's intelligence and enforcement bureaux and are used, if necessary, to control and extort obedience from the person who was audited. If a person seeks to escape from Scientology his auditing files are taken by the intelligence bureau and used, if wished, to pressure him into silence. They are often so used and uncontroverted evidence of this has been given at this hearing." - Justice Latey

With time, the subject becomes adept at producing the required E-meter reactions. At the end of a course, the subject attests to successful completion, and the session is checked over by a Case Supervisor (because the auditor is often as inexperienced as the auditee). Why should subjects attest to successful completion, even though they have not actually gained anything from the course in question? Because they have been told that the "real gains" are to be found in a later course, and the current one, although it may seem useless, is a neccessary prerequisite. Of course, by the time that course is reached, the goalposts have receded yet again....

In later stages, the subject audits him/herself (or rather the dozens of invisible alien BodyThetans with which they now believe themself to be infested, in the hope of persuading them to 'blow' and go off and sniff the flowers)

" Body thetans are just Thetans. When you get rid of one he goes off and possibly squares around, picks up a body or admires daisies" - L. Ron Hubbard OTIII

This process goes on till you reach OTVIII. Even though people at this level should be the purest of the pure, the Scientology regime extracts even more money from them by ordering regular "sec-checks" which the poor suckers have to pay for, and keeps re-issuing and altering the "tech" claiming that the new courses represent a "New Golden Age of Tech" and people have to pay all over again for these new improved courses. Not suprisingly, a lot of OTVIIs are "blowing" from the cult, having finally achieved the only real "end cognition", namely that they have been fleeced.

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