"Ye Banishment of Ye Daemons and Ye Clustering of Daemons"

Possibly the earliest account of the expensive process now carried on by the "Church" of Scientology under the name of NOTS (New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans), namely exorcising invisible spirits, in these more enlightened times known as BodyThetans, our cute little invisible friends.

Ye Moste Darke Daemons

It happeneth on occasione that a daemon will hide hisself by placing ye other daemons to his fore as a sorte of defense. Thus this resulteth in an area of moste blacke darkness with an area of whiteness that is placed in fronte. Ye daemon moste dark holdeth ye other daemons in their place to protecteth it as it were ye shield. Ye Practishioner must banish ye moste dark daemon who holdeth ye other daemons to his fore, thence ye other daemons dispell with great ease. Elsewise if ye Practioshioner tryeth to banish ye daemons at the fore, no thing transpireth. If ye Practioshioner encountereth ye daemons that will not be banished, ye Practishioner should consider ye existence of and must verily verify for ye dark daemon that holdeth the others, and giveth his attenshion to it firstly, thence ye other daemons dismisseth with ease. It may transpireth that ye banishment of ye daemon or similarly ye cluster of ye daemons quitteth the corpse of ye Practishioner but ye daemons remaineth in proximitty, perhaps attached to ye tapestries or ye walls or perhaps without ye chamber. Such can cause pressure on ye Practishioner until ye banishment be complete. In such cases ye Practishioner will finde ye daemons have connecting cordes to the corpse of ye Practishioner or it some time passeth thet ye daemons do think they have reached a barriere they consider through which they may passeth not. Ye Practishioner muste therefore cut thse cordes or make use of his magical powers to force ye daemons through yon barriere or sometime he muste repeat ye whole processe. What hath transpireth be the masse of ye daemons containeth among them one or perhaps more other daemons, to which they be attached, whiche hath not yet been banished.

(This document was either unearthed in the library of Miskatonic University, or written by Roland Rashleigh-Berry)

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