BodyThetan Show - February 1 2003

After snow that had brought London to more of a grinding halt than usual, and torrential rain, Xenu smiled upon us, and approximately ten suppressives had sunny albeit cold weather to picket the Tottenham Court Road "org". The "org" was as downstat as usual. No students, only the regulars on the Foundation shift (apart from one newcomer in a light brown leather jacket, who just stood around chewing gum as if his life depended on it - we never actually saw him chew and walk at the same time). After the obligatory telephone call to get their orders, and the obligatory visit from the police, who made it clear to them that we were perfectly entitled to picket them, we spent a couple of hours leafleting and enturbulating. Even the normal receptionist (the man who tries and fails to walk through solid doors) only turned up and took photographs after an hour, Before that they had been handing out Issue One of a newssheet about education (basically a puff piece for their private Greenfields School near Saint Hill - notorious for the "death classes" and the "withhold-pulling" sessions). After an hour they just went inside and hid, in blatant violation of all Scientology doctrines. We remained outside, and had lots of support from the passers-by (as long as we made it clear that we were AGAINST Scientology)

Pictures below from Steve Carmichael-Timson
After a couple of hours we ran out of leaflets and retreated to a warm pub.

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