BodyThetan Show - March 1 2008

Eight suppressives turned out to enturbulate the Tottenham Court Road "org". This turnout meant that we probably outnumbered the Scientologists. The police, after the "anonymous" picket had prepared by fetching crowd control barriers, but they did not need to be deployed. But we made just as much noise as had hundreds when we used the boombox. "Ron is gone, but the con goes on" sounded pretty good. Earlier one of our number had turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street white elephant and found it as dead as usual. The weather was clear but windy, and at one stage our toy polar bear apparently tried to launch a one-bear attack on the "org". He got half-way across the road before Jens intercepted him. We had plenty of support from passers-by, one of whom donated several packets of sweets (A first for our picketing)

After two hours we returned to a nearby hostelry.

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