BodyThetan Show - November 1 2003

From Jens Tingleff Six hardy suppressives descended on a completely non-confront Birmingham org on Saturday. The weather had been bad all week, and more was promised, so we were very pleased to see that Xenu kept the rain away and the wind down.

We had new and better balloon tech for this demo - a three-foot balloon with a globe print on it. Xenu chose to float from beneath it ("Top of the World, Ma! - wait a minute...") through the demo.

We handed out approx 150 "XENU LOVES YOU" balloons to children (this time, fewer to teenagres who are mainly after the helium and more to kids who held ointo their balloons). A few hundred leaflets went to passer-bys.

It was mainly John on the sound system, informing the public and reminding whatever clams were inside the org that things were not peachy in Amsterdam. Dave stepped up to the mike occasionally and regaled us with a couple of songs.

Usually, one writes about the actions of the clams at the demo, but we didn't see any. A new- looking sign was in front of the entry to their stair-case and one protester had seen two clip- boarders when he arrived shortly after lunch, but we didn't see hair or hide of one on the street during the demo. Once or twice, a camera poked out of their windows, apparently. A passer-by shouted "scientology saves lives" and then scurried off, I suppoise that could have been a member.

So, apart from not having any clams to play with, we had a splendid time out. Are they downstat or just 'non-confront' or both?

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