BodyThetan Show - October 27 2007

It was a windy (we need to put some more work in on our poster tech) but sunny Saturday afternoon when nine suppressives (one in full alien head- dress) turned up (on time for once) to picket the downstat Tottenham Court Road "org" to mark the anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson in the headquarters of Scientology.

It had been announced in advance, as we were getting bored with seeing only the org's normal staff of a few tired, dispirited Scientologists. So they were out in force (well, a total of about a dozen of them had been forced to sit out in the cold and pretend to be demonstrating E-meter usage to one another). The new improved boom-box was devastatingly effective. Far more effective than the Scientologist who shouted incomprehensibly and had to be ushered back inside by his superiors - perhaps to be sold another Communication Course?

We handed out a great number of leaflets, the Scientologists didn't manage to shift any books, as far as I could see. Much support from the public and after two full hours, when the rain started to fall, we repaired to a nearby hostelry. Xenu must have known how long we would be picketing for. More contacts with the press.

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