BodyThetan Show - February 2 2002

Although the weather forecast was for rain unmatched since Noah first took sailing lessons, half-a-dozen intrepid suppressives turned up in Birmingham to find no more than intermittent drizzle. plus a lone Scientologist (the picket had been announced in advance). Said Scientologist complained to the police that our activities were harassing his "parishioners" on their way to worship. Since we were in New Street (the main shopping thoroughfare) and the "org" is on Ethel Street (a side-road) this was pretty implausible, and the police treated it as such. In fact the original Scientologist, one young man and two women (who started out attempting to "body-route" and then switched to handing out mini-leaflets) were the only "parishioners" to be seen. Perhaps this was due to the weather (in which case the Scientologists were not demonstrating much "mastery over Mass, Energy, Space and Time", or it was a deliberate policy of "non-confront" in which case why have anybody out at all? or business is rather "downstat" at the moment.

After an hour and forty minutes, the promised rain started to arrive and we called it a day. An hour later the rain was bucketing down. Several passers-by thanked us, one of whom had been suckered into wasting money on one of their courses.

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