BodyThetan Show - March 31 2007

A hot and sunny day, and five Suppressives turned up to picket the Tottenham Court Road "org". Earlier two of us had individually wandered up to the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Org" also known as the great white elephant. It was lifeless as usual. One picketer handed out leaflets for forty-five minutes.

When we gathered at Tottenham Court Road, there were only about five Scientologists. Since we had an anti-scientologist toy bear as well, technically we outnumbered them. After about half an hour, the boom-box stopped booming, and so we were forced to rely on lung-power. Since both Tony and myself have a lot of lung-power and Tottenham Court Road is a concrete canyon we got our message across. Much support from the public. One guy even handed us a fiver to keep up the good work (Thank you, it will go to printing more leaflets)

The Scientologists were handing out a sheet entitled "Has your body become a toxic waste dump?" pushing the Purification Rundown

"We are not concerned with handling bodies on the Purification Rundown life improvement procedure. Our concern is freeing the individual up spiritually. The only dosages recommended are those classified as food. There are no medical recommendations or claims to it. The only claim is future spiritual improvement" (A quote from Hubbard"s "Clear Body, Clear Mind")

This rather contradicts "The Purification Program has changed my life, my physical well-being and my attitude to a much better of survival" and "My whole life - emotional and physical - has improved with the starting and completing of this program"

After a couple of hours we left to cool down.

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