BodyThetan Show - December 2 2000

A clear sunny day for about ten suppressives, plus the loveable toy dog 'Duke', to assemble outside the Tottenham Court Road 'org'. We handed out leaflets, sloganised, Martin P kept up a steady commentary on the microphone and a good time was had by all - well, not actually by the Scientologists.

Several of their regular 'Foundation shift' personnel were missing (We enquired about Jacques Vollet and were assured - not very convincingly - that he was all right) and only two or three of them ventured out onto the street to hand out flyers for 'Dianetics' or old copies of 'Freedom'. They had one new face who was enthusiastically handing out the flyers, but was unable to engage in any conversation. Perhaps he needs a 'Communication Course'?

A female in 'Sea Org' uniform was visible within the shop, but she never stayed timidly 'non-confront'.

Reaction from passers-by was uniformly favourable. Several people knew of, and one knew of David Gerard. One even offered money for the cause. We ran out of leaflets after about an hour, but then we discovered some forgotten at the bottom of a bag. Perhaps if we had been 'Clear' we would have remembered this earlier? We had some more printed at a nearby print shop - but not as many as we would have liked as the machine evidently developed 'photocopier pneumonia' after being exposed to the OTIII materials.

After about two and a half hours we called it a day.

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