BodyThetan Show - October 3 1998

The picket with added BodyThetans. Small plastic models, big inflatables that squeaked when squeezed. This allowed ventriloquism. "So you met this guy Xenu?" "Squeak" "And what happened?" "Squeak, Squeak" "He blew you up in a volcano?" "Squeak" "And then what happened?" "Squeak, Squeak" "He took you to a movie?" "Squeak" "That's nice" "Squeak, Squeak, Squeak". "Oh, he subjected you to 36 days of indocrination about implants like Jesus?". Once again OSA's Jacques Vollet chose to use a public phone-booth rather than be overheard by the minions in the "org". And the slogan "Rself Tology" which they managed to produce after endless instuctions from their Saint Hill Headquarters?

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