BodyThetan Show - December 4 2004

From Hartley Patterson ARSCC(UK) convened for their Lisa McPherson Day picket on an overcast but not overcold afternoon at the London Org. Our picketers were Jens, David Gerrard, Tony, Mark, Arkady, an anon guest and myself. The policeman in the baseball cap had an expensive camera and was using it, we were also all asked for names and addresses. The shop has an attractive new front and the Stress Test tables were a novel idea, I don't know if they do that every day. In the absence of John, our usual ranter, David (on left) and Arkady took turns on the mike. Both were excellent.

Unlike our last two pickets neither the police nor OSA raised any objection to our placards or leaflets. The OSA rep suggested to the police after a while that he might not be able to control his members (!) so we were asked to move our sound system to the other side of the street, where of course we turned up the volume and could be heard just as well.

After around two and a half hours we were out of leaflets and retired to the pub to plot future suppressive acts.

Why the large police presence? We don't know. Why were OSA so low key? We don't know. Anyway, a grand day out.

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