BodyThetan Show - June 5 2010

A very hot and stick day. About forty suppressives (including visitors from Manchester, Birmingham, York, Ireland and Germany) turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Morgue". There seemed to be some kind of function going on because about fifteen people went into the empty echoing building (about half dressed in the black trousers, white shirt, red tie uniform). An advertising truck advising "Google Lisa McPherson"went past repeatedly, and at one stage was parked outside, and a car with anti-cult slogans was there later.

Eventually the protest moved on to the Tottenham Court Road bookshop, where they just had one unhappy clam handing out flyers advertising Queen Victoria Street. Our numbers swelled to about eighty, including three mankini-wearers. It doesn't matter how hot it gets; nothing justifies mankinis.The advertising truck parked outside the bookshop for some time.

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