BodyThetan Show - December 5 1998

The Penguin Picket - very cold, but spirits were high. New picketers turned up, and the passers-by were very supportive. The most demoralising thing the Scientologist could have done was to close the door, and sit ostentatiously drinking hot cups of tea at us, but they are not too bright. They complained about our sound system blaring out loopier quotes from L. Ron Hubbard on the grounds that it was "interfering with counselling sessions" but rather spoiled this line of argument by trying to bringing out their own (rather underpowered) sound system in a futile attempt to swamp us. We also had the surreal experience of OSA's Jacques Vollet bringing out placards attacking 'Minton' an American who was not in the country, let alone at the picket. Later Jacques appeared at our post-picket pub rendezvous to take group photos for OSA files.

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