BodyThetan Show - December 5 1999

On a very cold winter morning, about a dozen suppressives including old friends we had not seen for some time (but minus the loveable toy dog 'Duke' - which had just had a wash and needed time to dry out) gathered at a London hostelry. After some delicious pre-picket snacks, we made our way to the Tottenham Court Road 'org' at about 1.30. Scientology only managed to produce two or three sullen leafleters at any time, although Jacques Vollet was there, and two low-ranking Sea- Orgers peeked through the door but dared not come out and confront us. They will never get any gold braid if they remain so passive. Many of the passers-by were remarkably well-informed about Scientology and its evils. Some people who we talked to went into the 'org' to wind up the Scientologists. When a 'body-router' was stationed outside with a clipboard, and had no success, one passer-by allowed himself to be routed in, and eventually emerged with the comment 'I've never heard such a load of bollocks'. After about two hours, it started raining and we retreated into the warmth of a pub, to re-emerge for a candle-light picket between 5 and 5.30 meeting another suppressive who had been picketing on his own from 4.30 armed only with an inflatable purple alien and a loud voice.

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