BodyThetan Show - July 6 2002

Report from Dave Bird

Present were, altogether, Dave and Jens and John, plus Martin who turned up later by coach, Damian was unexpectedly missing, and we had one Local Lady who turned up at the demo site; two other regulars are away at the moment for specific reasons. We decided to have a nice pub lunch while waiting for Martin to roll in, then moved off to the demo. I brought 500 Xemu leaflets (picture) and John brought 200 Xemu leaflets (text only), of which we gave out 550 to 650.

We had helium balloons, large white one with orange-and-blue
which we now have in bulk from a high quality supplier. A bit too much kit, all in all: I envisaged having some sort of net tent over the cylinder if we were working quickly and let go any which shot upwards (to avoid flyaways). We had pre-cut ribbons with a weight, and a little "Daily Xenus" newspaper style mini-leaflet, though not enough for all 160 balloons. It was a bit much too carry, and we were messing around trying to find which bag I'd put the pressure-reducing valve in at first.

Still, once we got started we were off to a flying start. John did the slogans on our fine boom-box, Jens did the helium balloons, Martin did leafleting, I did leafleting too plus handed out the odd helium balloon when the customers weren't actually queuing up, and the local lady did some chatting and leafleting. I noticed people were reading our leaflets, and coming up to us and asking for them, also parents were looking close up at the Alien Face on their kiddies balloon and reading the "" (plus "scientology sucks") written in smaller type.

Our stuff was well received. I saw some torn up clam leaflets torn up on the ground, and one passer-by tear up a leaflet in the face of the clam who gave it to him. No public did that to anything of ours, except that when I accidentally dropped some leaflets a clamette tried to grind her heel on them one by one so they could not be re-used. There appears to be no "What is Scientology" exhibition in my city this year, so we just went and haunted the Org. There were a few body routers and leafletters out; actually there must have been about a dozen clams present, but most were milling round in plain clothes and trying to be part of the crowd. I didn't see Gollum, the DSA, but his sidekick "Eight Ball" was sneaking around occasionally, and Darren from the Birmingham Loons Club was there too.

I must admit, once we sorted the difficulties of the first few minutes, it was an excellent demo and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We must come back soon once Hartley is around again. All in all, it was a grand day out.

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