BodyThetan Show - December 6 2003

A cold, but clear day. Eight suppressives assembled in front of the Tottenham Court Road "org", which seems to be undergoing some kind of repair as it had scaffolding all the way up the front. We had our boom-box and plenty of leaflets, while after the usual frenzied phone calls to their controllers, the Scientologists eventually managed to get a maximum of three people out counter- leafletting, with one of them even being optimistic enough to call out "Free Personality Test?" to anyone who took his leaflet. Eventually the DSA of the "London Celebrity Centre" aka "The Tomb of the Unknown Celebrity" turned up and took a few photos.

Then the latest devastating piece of Hubbard Tech was unleashed - "the carpenters from Markab". Two Scientologists tried to drown out the sound of the boom-box (fat chance!) by using a power saw to cut out a Scientology cross symbol out of a large wooden rectangle. Evidently they had not yet done the relevant Scientology carpentry course, as it was all rather painful to watch. Why didn't they just use their power over mass, energy, space and time to postulate it and save themselves the trouble?

Very positive response from passers-by, including some from France and the US.

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