BodyThetan Show - March 7 2008

A cold but clear night outside the white elephant building. Six "Anonymous" and one unmasked suppressive turned up to protest outside the "ideal org" from 6:30 to 8:15 while a fundraising event was taking place. There were two coaches outside originally. They left, and after some time the dirtiest, most dented, white passenger van you have ever seen was parked outside the entrance. It brought no passengers, so it looked like Scientology's famous "hiding tech" in action again. Certainly apart from the presumed occupants of the coaches, hardly anybody was observed going in. There were about a dozen staff members in the entrance lobby and four characters, three in thin red plastic jackets hanging around at the corner of the building, who marched in together (Is this a new Sea Org "petty officer" outfit?)

Not many people wander along the concrete canyon that is Queen Victoria Street, but we handed out a lot of leaflets to those who did appear, and got plenty of support from them and motorists.

A couple of Scientologists attempted to "handle" the protestors. One tried the tired line about wondering why we didn't protest about something else (thus ignoring Scientology doctrine that someone in the "org" must be have "pulled it in") and the second clearly deserved a refund for his "Communication Course" because he was practically incoherent.

The funniest thing in the evening was the plasma screen fiasco. There are four big plasma screens in four of the ground floor windows, showing a series of text pages about Scientology - some connected to the theme of their latest handout about "Stress". The screen to the right of the door was blank. If the question is "How many Scientologists does it take to start up a rolling PowerPoint presentation?" the answer is five (plus an unknown amount of others on mobile phones). They switched it off, and on again, they went through all the menus without ever noticing the little tick box saying "'Loop continuously until 'Esc'" They switched it off and on again......It took them half an hour. And then, while they were basking in their success, the screen to the left of the door went blank! They took a further quarter of an hour to sort that one out. Scientology certainly teaches people how to learn.

The police arrived (some of the frantic calls were evidently not about the screens). We acquired a van-load, a man on a bike and a senior officer. They assessed the situation, and then most of them went away.

At about 8:15 we were getting cold, there was no more foot traffic, definitely no more Scientologists entering the building and so we bade the police goodnight.

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