BodyThetan Show - October 7 2006

A warm and sunny autumn day saw eight suppressives turn up to picket the Whitfield Street "org". We started at the main entrance in Whitfield Street where there was very little activity, and when we learned that the doors to the back entrance, leading on to Tottenham Court Road, had opened at last to reveal Scientologists offering a "FREE Stress Test" to passers-by, we moved there. Over an hour there were six or seven Scientologists operating in the little alleyway entrance and with their sign and their leafletters and our boom-box and our leafletters (including "Xenu" things go fairly crowded. Eventually we agreed with the police to move to the opposite side of Tottenham Court Road. This gave us a lot more space, and allowed us to turn up the volume so that we could be heard clearly on both sides of the road.

Plenty of support from passers-by, nobody getting recruited by the cult. An excellent day out.

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