BodyThetan Show - December 7 2002

Described by Jens Tingleff

In memory of Lisa McPherson, eight international SPs gathered outside the Tottenham Court Rd org to give the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology a hard time[1].

I had left my camera at home, so I spent the time handing out leaflets. After having had the attendant police warn off an over-eager Sea Ogre, I distributed probably a good one hundred leaflets. I found that all I had to do to get rid of leaflets was to say "a-GAINST $cientology," and I'd get a smile and an occasional taker for the leaflets.

John R did his usual unrelenting stint at the microphone, and we had enough leafletters to hold our own against the clams.

The clams, lying institutionally as per procedure, were using their usual leafletting tactics of either standing in people's way and thrusting the free-doom rubbish into their hands, or stand by and weakly say "free magazine?" Since they've un-learned the ability to communicate with anyone about anything, it's not surprising that they're incapable of simply stating what the glossy rubbish being handed out was about.

In spite of the seriously chilly winds, we held out for long enough to pretty much run out of leaflets, and we repaired to the local pub for some much needed warm flat beer.
Described by Dave Bird Quite a nice Lisa McPherson day demo here. Currently my trains to London run on an indirect route, to a less convenient station in the capital, and to add insult to injury the time I planned on was cancelled when I got there so half an hour wait. Still, I arrived around 1300 at the usual pub. Present were Dave, Jens, John, Roland, Hartley, Martin Poulter, Peter Lucey, "I P Freeleigh", Duke the Dog, and last but not least David Gerard who has an English parent and has come to live and work in London. It was very cold for this time of the winter, and one or two un-gloved people pressed for an early finish after two hours. The Org had an xmas tree and had picked up on our trick of giving out helium balloons... though they didn't print "Scientology" or "Drug Free Marshalls" or anything on them, and they weren't very practised (they did the obvious trick of taking a big bundle by the far ends of the ribbons which looks very stylish, until you realise you can't separate one from the bundle to hand it out). Two or three police were present throughout, but they mostly policed watching from inside the warm slot-machine arcade and drinking cardboard cups of coffee. One clam was a bit out of order, he came pushing into our lines and leaning over the sound system: eventually the police simply told him "your lot on the shop side of the pavement, picketers on the road side of the pavement." Other than that it was a fairly mild demo. The clams obviously wanted to look nice and fluffy with the balloons and a sound system playing dance music or carols, and I hadn't really got the heart to tear into them. John did most of the slogans on the mic; I was one of several leafleters. Obviously we didn't try to make it a festive event being as we were marking someone's untimely death, but that issue didn't seem to figure much with the Org. It was nice to get together and spend a good long time exchanging notes afterwards. Then by train back to Birmingham. All in all, it was another grand day out.

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