BodyThetan Show - December 7 2002 Manchester

From Neil I got to the org at one o'clock today. I was hoping some other protesters would be there but alas no. I'd made a "sandwhich board" style picket sign. This consisted of two large bright yellow pieces of stiff card (about 2'x3'). Written on in thick black letters were the words "SCIENTOLOGY KILLS" and underneath that "WWW.XENU.NET" on both sides.

As I walked upto the org I could see some staff in reception through the big glass windows, about four staff. I stood just to the side of the window out of their line of site wearing my sandwhich board and distributing flyers. At this time they hadn't noticed me or what I was doing.

People walking past obviously took notice of me and there were lots of smiles, nods and winks coming my way. People were interested in reading the flyers and some stopped to have a little chat about the cult.

Many people who took a flyer started putting their noses to the org windows, peering into the darkness for a closer look at the clams lair.

Eventually a female clam appeared at the door to see what all the commotion was about and was obvously astounded to confront me with sandwhich board and crowd of people around. This was Bibi Langley, OT5 and Sea Org member (SO but for some reason works on staff at Man org as an auditor.)

Then another clam came out , he's an OT public. At first he said "Hi, Neil" but then his mind caught up with what his eyes were seeing and he became consumed with anger. He looked at the sign and said, "Oh, Scientology kills does it?"

I said, "Yes it does. Have you heard of Lisa McPherson." To this he turned away and muttered something under his breath. Then he seemed to get more angry. With hands clenched into fists he made a sort of lunge at me but thought better of it and stopped himself.

He then pulled out his mobile phone and frantically began stabbing away at the keyboard, his face bright with anger, his hyperventilated breathing audible against the backdrop of city noises.

The pedestrians standing around had built up into quite a sizable crowd by this point. They could sense the irrationality and insanity seeping out of the Scieno org and were all muttering and wispering to each other, eyes wide with excitement and expectancy about what would happen next.

Then the Executive Director Simon Gaucci came out along with the Hubbard Area Secretary, Ewan (the ethics clam). Ewan says, "Are you Insane? Are you Insane?"

I replied, "I'm not the one who locked Lisa McPherson in a cell."

The public spectators were all eyes and ears and the crowd on the street was growing bigger. Any pedestrians walking past stopped to see what was going on and asking other people what was happening. I was handing out leaflets as all this was transpiring.

The three clams out on the street had by now all pulled out their mobile phones trying to get through to "uplines" terminals I suppose. Also Bibi Langley was on the phone in reception talking breathlessly, to Saint Hill or OSA Int.

Meanwhile a bit more verbal jousting ensued.

Even though I'd been outside the org for only twenty minutes tops alot of enterbulation had taken place. Because the sidewalk was becoming chockerblocked I realised the police could become involved, so decided to move on. I didn't want to be arrested for causing a breach of the peace so decided to move away from the org.

I walked around the busy shopping areas of Manchester centre with sandwhich board on for another twenty minutes and then called it a day. I threw the board into a dumpster in a side street.

A couple of hundred leaflets were distributed and a thousand people had probably seen the sandwhich board.

I walked back past the org a couple of hours ago and was followed briefly by some clams till I gave them the slip.

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