BodyThetan Show - September 8 2007

Seven suppressives (one had been picketing the Queen Victoria Street white elephant earlier) turned up at the Tottenham Court Road "org" which was as dead as usual. Only two staff were visible, although they had two tables outside, each with books and an e-meter. After an hour or more, frantic phone calls by the Scientologists eventually brought them reinforcements (that time delay means they had nobody to spare anywhere else in London) bringing them up to six.

Due to technical problems, we had no boom-box (but this was balanced by their failure to bring out their boom-box, and they also lacked the video- recorders seen on previous pickets, leading to the DSA pathetically trying to record stuff in longhand), but Tony and I have VERY load voices and so we got our message across.

The public were very supportive, the weather was fine, and eventually we repaired to a nearby hostelry to re-hydrate.

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