BodyThetan Show - July 9 1999

Hot Time - Summer in the City - time for Suppressives to enturbulate the Scientologists. Something called a "What is Scientology" exhibition started today at the Selfridge Hotel (just behind Selfridges store on Oxford Street. Basically it is a cross between a book launch - celebrating the fact that the price of WIS is now increased to eighty pounds - and a body- routing session. The Scientologists have hired a function room for a week and are littering Oxford Street with "invitations" with a picture of a bridge on one side, and promises that you can "Participate in a live demonstration of how your mind works and actually 'see' a thought". Three suppressives turned up to the opening night. Two were recognised by our old friend Jacques Vollet of OSA and turned away, another got in, but was eventually ejected. Jacques' memory clearly contradicted his status as a 'Clear' as 'Clears' are supposed to have perfect memory and Jacques was wildly fishing for the third person's identity, despite having met him before. So we leafleted outside the hotel entrance. At first we were jealous because people who got into the event got a free expensively-printed booklet about L. Ron Hubbard, but ordinary members of the public inveigled into the book launch are not so enthusiastic and a discarded copy was soon available. The Scientologists came out to counter us (just handing out more of the 'invitations') but they were of really poor quality. Two of them told the identical story of how Scientology must be good because they knew of a drug addict who was alive because of Narconon. We replied that Lisa McPherson was dead because of Scientology. Others urged us to visit the exhibition which would certainly convince us, until we pointed out the obstacle. Jacques Vollet however has developed a very good technique for snatching our leaflets out the hands of passers-by, but it only annoys them and makes them more eager to take the leaflet. On two separate occasions, Scientologists showed off their erudition by classifying us as 1.1, until Jacques realised that this was threatening to turn into a discussion between us and them about the "tech" which we were more knowledgeable about than they were, and warned them off. One of the two even claimed to be OSA, in which case standards are really declining. Finally Jacques brought out their bizarre masterpiece, the "blimp", wearing a check suit and a vacant gaze. He never initiated any conversation, but would answer questions in a dull monotone. He had spent one hundred and fify thousand dollars on Scientology. He was "Clear", admitted that he did not have perfect memory, but he "no longer had a reactive mind". He had a couple of cheap badges for which he had paid thousands of dollars more. He did not mind that his money was largely going to fund lawyers. Was this was an attempt to frighten us by showing us "this is what Scientology can do to the human brain"? We stopped after a couple of very enjoyable hours when we ran out of leaflets.

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