From Roland, myself and Shellac
We picketed the Martian Embassy on Tottenham Court Road today. There were me (Roland), Hartley, Jens, Shellac, Martin P, Steve C-T, John Ritson and Duke the dog in attendence. We had a police presence today because the police had got so fed up with being called out on previous pickets from false reports from the clams that they decided to be there and find out what goes on. The weather spotted with rain on occasion. 550 leaflets were given out to public who actually wanted to take them. Public support was high, as usual.

The highlight was one of the clams lugging out a thick dictionary (Oxford, not the 'Tech Dictionary') to do 'word-clearing' in the middle of the pavement. He had managed to convince himself that 'word-clearing' was the answer to all problems, because if one misunderstood words while in command of nuclear weapons, one could cause a disaster! But had difficulties when it was pointed out that some sentences could contain erfectly simple words but be nonsense (a bit like Scientology). The sight of the poor soul standing there frantically trying to locate 'enturbulate' and 'marcab' was mind-blowing. My voice coped with a two and a half-hour stint with no problems. I found I could manipulate one Scientologist into coming out of hiding simply by describing the criminal L. Ron Hubbard. He would come out and order me not to talk about Hubbard, I would go into detail about Hubbard's use of Vistaril and 'pinks and greys'. He would go back inside again... Another staffer tried the 'Death Stare' on each picketer in turn, to no effect. Then he tried a bizarre ritual of going up to picketers while holding a clipboard, and then drawing two vertical lines on the paper. Such paper is useful for 'body-routing' as it allows the router to write stuff down and appear to be interested in whatever the mark replies to the "what are the main things that worry you" question (the paper is thrown away unread whether the mark is taken into the 'org' or not). But why drawing lines in front of people should be thought likely to stop suppression is a mystery known only to Scientology.

As Roland said, the police wanted to be there because of the annoying anonymous complaints. They were friendly, dealt with the clams when they interfered with our leafletting, and told them to turn their stereo down :-) (clearly music lovers, given the soft rock dirge eminating from the shop doorway).
The clams were quite confront, which is very unusual on TCR; they're timid bunch normally. My friend Paulo was out. Paulo has been a mate ever since he went through the results of my personality test with me one afternoon about three years ago. Alas the feeling is not mutual. Paulo has called me a 'shit' several times in the past, and spent some quality time staring at each one of us this afternoon. A bitter little man with a long memory...

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