BodyThetan Show - April 10 2010

A beautiful spring day - about half a dozen suppressives turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Morgue" where there must have been some event on. The tell-tale signs were a staff member leaving and returning with a couple of Tesco carrier bags, and about ten people entering. No doubt lured by the prospect of a sausage roll and being pressed for more donations.

We moved on to Tottenham Court Road which had no signs of life, all but a couple of staff having been sent to Queen Victoria Street. The only visitors were the usual group of young lads having a laugh, a group of Asian girls (ditto) and one man who may have actually bought a book. Our numbers reached about 25. One woman arrived, said how grateful she was for what we were doing, but as she didn't have time to stop, she had brought us some food.

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