BodyThetan Show - May 10 2008

Glorious sunshine for another '"Anonymous" event. Several hundred turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street white elephant. The only people who went in or out were three Sea Org members. "Unhappy Girl" was there. The City of London Police decided to object to the C-word (cult) so a big banner was rapidly altered to say "SCIENTOLOGY = BAD' and the C-word was used far more than normal. People wrote it on little red bits of card amnd shouted it.

Tottenham Court Road was the next target. Again no customers, not even an attempt to demontrate E-meter usage, just a couple of guys handing out leaflets. "Unhappy Girl" had been moved across town to cheer up the protestors. Graeme Wilson and the DSA were there as well. No sign of Red Tie Man. The Metropolitan Police were quite unfazed by use of the C-word.

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