BodyThetan Show - June 10 2006

A blazingly hot day. 6 suppressives turned up outside the Tottenham Court Road "org", including Dave Bird and Xenu (at least a young lady in a Xenu costume).

We had a new microphone for the boombox and the half-dozen Scientologists were very much on the back foot, first trying a small radio, then carting round a big sound system from the Whitfield Street "org" around the corner, but never having the desired impact. After about an hour, they managed to summon the police. The sergeant, having seen us before, laid down simple rules to keep the two sides from getting too close and blocking the way for shoppers.

We handed out leaflets, they handed out tiny invitations to a five-hour "Dianetics workshop" in Whitfield Street the next day. Much of the space on the invitation was taken up with vital information such as that "The Dianetics Symbol in a circle is a trademark and service mark owned by Religious Technology Center and is used with its permission." - in a leaflet without the aforesaid symbol!

After a couple of hours we retreated to the coolness of a neighbouring hostelry to compare notes and make future plans.

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