BodyThetan Show - July 11 2009

About twenty Anonymous turned up outside the "Ideal Morgue" as they were having their event. This time in the evening the usual relief bus was not parked in front so we could count the hordes flooding into the Ideal Org to be regged for funds for new expansion. Approximately 110 entered (some came in, went out and round the side for a smoke, and then came back again) including children.

Can anybody think of a reason why a Scientologist in good standing in London or the surrounding region would not be there and bring their family? Certainly we saw just about every face we know from the London Org. 110 people need a huge empty seven-storey "org" the way a snail needs a tortoise shell.

There was no confront, not even anybody taking photos. They just trudged inside to contribute to the Miscavige Comfort Fund. We had flags and leaflets and megaphones and music and cake and a lot of fun.

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