BodyThetan Show - December 10 2005

A cold but clear day, and four suppressives (myself, Andreas, Hartley and Jens) turned up outside the Tottenham Court Road "org" to commemorate the death of Lisa McPherson in Scientology's headquarters.

We were a bit late because of transport problems, so found the police waiting for us for a change, but we carried on for later than scheduled to make up for that.

We agreed with the police that we would have the boom-box at the opposite side of the road from the "org". We decided to have two people on each side of the road, and were very much supported by the passers-by, with people shaking our hands and thanking us.

There was one weirdo, wearing dark glasses (I thought that was a no-no for Scientology, but maybe Miscavige's squirreling of the "tech" has changed this as well) who gave me the death stare, which obviously made him look stupid, and appeared to be complaining that we were denying freedom of speech to the Scientologists. Probably he needs to spend more money on Scientology communication courses....

The "org" had a banner above their door celebrating Human Rights Day, which gave us just the opportunity we needed to raise the issue of the human rights of the victims of Scientology such as Lisa McPherson, the prisoners of the RPF.......

After a couple of hours we retreated to a warm hostelry to discuss suppressive matters.

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