BodyThetan Show - May 11 2002

May - the Brighton Festival, and a pleasant day at the seaside for UK suppressives. Four of us, [and there will be an Ethics report to the ARSCC (which does not exist) on the person who sent us a text message saying they had overslept] arrived and took up our usual position outside the 'org'. The South American band who usually have a pitch beneath the 'org' were not there, and the Wilson, Keppel and Betty tribute band doing the Sand Dance further down the road were some way away so we were able to launch into the usual round of "AGAINST the barmy UFO cult' on the microphone and leafletting without any delay and keep it up for about two and a half hours, by which time the leaflets were all gone.

Slightly more activity from the 'org' this time. One character came outside for a cigarette, and their obligatory complaint to the police resulted in a solitary constable arriving, calling the station with a report of the situation and then shrugging his shoulders and departing, much to the disappointment of the solitary smoker. And he was certainly solitary for part of the time as one person arrived and he had to let them in with a key, presumably because there was nobody upstairs to answer the entryphone and let them in. Perhaps half a dozen other people entered or left in that two and a half hours, but as the building is shared with offices, some of those may have been unconnected with the cult. Plenty of knowledge of, and dislike for, the cult among the crowds of passers-by.

As were halfway back to the station, two Scientologists we had not seen before came racing uphill after us to claim that we had been such a help to them that some students had signed up for extra courses. We told them that we loved coming back to Brighton to help them out, but it was difficult to justify the effort for such a downstat 'org' .Their extremely late arrival makes it likely that they were ordered in from Saint Hill or from their homes and needed to make contact with us to claim to have 'confronted' the 'evil suppressives'.

At least this Scienology placard told the truth...

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