BodyThetan Show - November 11 1998

The Birmingham "org" has been picketed before by relatives of victims, but this was the first picket by organised "Suppressives". A brief pre-picket was held at 12:00 to "enturbulate" the Scientology students (Birmingham is now unusual among British "orgs" in having perhaps half-a-dozen students, most outside Saint Hill HQ being lucky if they have one or two.) Then a picket with placards, banner, sound-system, alien dummies and leaflets from 1:00 to 3:00. We were joined by two local relatives of victims. The Scientologists, after an initial burst of photographing us, retreated and hid in their "Dianetics Centre" on the upper floors of an office block in a fairly nondescript area behind the shopping centre, Eventually they sent out body-routers into the shopping district, but their efforts were foiled by our mobile information teams.

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