BodyThetan Show - April 12 1997

Following the un-announced picket at Tottenham Court Road, London on April 5, there was an announced picket on April 12, for which the Scientologists prepared by setting up 'musicians' to drown out the slogans of protestors.

However the Internet announcement had not specified the place, and most of the picketers went to the South Coast town of Poole, the Scientologist's most successful centre due to aggressive 'body-routing' by the Scientologists. ('Body-Routing' is the procedure whereby passers-by are asked if they would like to take part in a survey, and half way through are invited to finish the survey, which turns into a 'personality test', in a nearby office or shop. The personality test is rigged so that any set of responses shows 'problems' which can only be cured by a 'Communication Course'...) The Poole contingent took 'Duke' the loveable toy dog with waterwings, in memory of the American Judge Swearinger's dog 'Duke', drowned while the Judge was trying a case involving Scientology.

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