BodyThetan Show - December 12 2009

A clear but bitterly cold day. Anonymous have returned invigorated from Hamburg. About ten people were outside the Queen Victoria Street '"Ideal Morgue'" for just over an hour. Five people entered. Less than one person per floor. If Scientology policy is '"Every Org an Ideal Org by 2010'" (presumably end of 2010) then I can hardly wait.

People set off to leaflet in busier areas as there was no activity to be seen in the Org apart from a hired security guard, before meeting up in Tottenham Court Road at 2:00. Our numbers reached 20. The wall of books was up again, partially blocking our view inside, but there was precious little to view anyway. A few passers-by had fun by going in and coming out again, before coming over to our side of the road. No books sold. They now seem to be pushing a package of the 2-DVD '"Dianetics How-To Kit'" plus Dianetics. More Miscavige squirrel tech. Still not selling.

We tried calling for Tommy Davis, who is in London, staying at Claridges, trying to '"handle'" Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. Presumably he had a more urgent appointment with the hotel mini-bar instead. Why not, if the IAS is paying?

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