BodyThetan Show - March 13 2010

About half-a-dozen people turned up outside the '"Ideal Morgue'" on Queen Victoria Street. Nobody entered, nobody left (apart from a '"ChristianScientologist'" and friend who visited us as well) We moved on to Tottenham Court Road, where the cult was practising '"Hiding Tech'" again. Our numbers went up to about thirty. Some of the Anons had dressed up as '"Cultbusters'". As usual the only customers were a few people who went in and came out laughing.The '"ChristianScientologist'" and friend spent a long time in there. One Scientologist exited, took a circuitous route, and then took a lot of photographs.

It got very cold and so some of us retreated to a nearby hostelry, where we were joined by Terril Park and the '"ChristianScientologist'" and friend. He was madder than a mongoose and was concurrently a member of more religions/cults than you could shake a stick at. During his time in Scientology he said he had been declared about eight times. At one stage he had been declared, and the Scientologist he was living with was therefore declared as well. He went off to find L. Ron Hubbard in the Mediterranean on the good ship '"Avon River'" and got himself un-declared. But then, because he was still living with a declared person (declared for living with a declared person), he was duly re-declared. He appealed to some other senior Scientologist, was un-declared, and then re-re-declared for enturbulating the senior official.

Scientology has announced a birthday event later that evening at the restored L. Ron Hubbard residence in Fitzroy Square. We turned up but nothing was going on, so we left (maybe they had to re-locate the event because of overwhelming demand?)

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