BodyThetan Show - March 13 1999

About ten suppressives arrived at Saint Hill, the UK headquarters of Scientology, and the "superior beings" of Scientology showed how little their expensive "Communications Tech" was worth by going into hiding. Just before 1:00 the "Saint Hill Manor Information Centre and Bookshop" in the centre of neighbouring East Grinstead was open for business, with its "Staff Wanted" sign in the window. We went to Saint Hill, picketed from 1:00 to 2:00 with none of the usual opposition. Every so often a Scientologist would emerge to photograph us, and at one stage a woman went to the house next door in an unsuccessful attempt to get a neighbour to complain to the police, half- a-dozen of whom stood outside the gates and were treated to the Xenu Rap, and extracts from L. Ron Hubbard's rantings in honour of Dead Ron's birthday, as were the Scientologists including a minibus of youngsters, who went in and out of Saint Hill. On returning to East Grinstead, we found the bookshop had pulled down the shutters and stuck up a notice saying "CLOSED ALL DAY FOR L. RON HUBBARD'S BIRTHDAY". Presumably Scientology having mastery over MEST (Mass, Energy, Space and Time) is able to redefine "ALL DAY" to mean "After we realised we were going to be picketed". So we posed for photographs outside the shop, handed out leaflets, and then called it a day. After the violence and hostility at our first East Grinstead picket, and the downpour and pushing and shoving at the second, this shows that suppressives are now "at cause" over Scientology, even at their UK headquarters.
A very effective picket, which was enthusiastically supported by people in East Grinstead.



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