BodyThetan Show - August 13 2011

A grand total of three "suppressives" turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Morgue". No activity at all. We wandered off down the road and two Scientologists emerged, only to dash inside when confronted. Another two entered the building later. According to Miscavige tech, unreliable human beings must be replaced with presentations on video screens, but the video screens visible from outside the "org" have now been removed. We do not know whether this was to avoid looting or because they had problems paying their utility bills. Another two people entered the "org" as we went off to the Tottenham Court Road bookshop.

When we arrived there, it was shut. Eventually somebody unlocked the door, exited, and then left, locking the door behind him. After a quarter of an hour, he re-appeared, unlocked the door, and sat inside, behind a closed door. No customers entered or left. Eventually our numbers grew to seven.When we had had enough we left for a pleasant hostelry serving real ales including the appropriate "Wobbly Squirrel".

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