BodyThetan Show - September 13 2008

About 70 protestors turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Org" at 11. The plasma displays were functioning this time, but displaying text as light brown on dark brown doesn't really work. Graeme Wilson arrived soon before 11. There seemed to be some function going on downstairs as about 10 people came up the stairs soon before one o'clock, which was when the protest moved on to Tottenham Court Road.

There there had been a few Scientologists standing near the door, but when Graeme Wilson arrived they were all ordered inside. After about an hour, one Scientologist was stationed outside to distribute little cards advertising the stress test (He had earlier handed out leaflets denouncing "Anonymous"). After two hours more joined him- about 10 were visible in total.

Then we retired to a nearby hostelry. Seeing a 20-foot-high eyeball rolling along a nearby road (those wacky conceptual artists) just topped off another weird Scientology day.

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