BodyThetan Show - March 14 2009

A cold and windy day seems to have kept the Scientologists at home, but not the critics. About 35 people turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street white elephant. In two hours only two people entered. Stefania went out for a coffee, and later made a phone call and took some photos. Another staffer went out to get a sandwich.

This is not to say that no Scientologists ever enter the "org". About a week ago they had an event to celebrate the destruction of psychiatry or something similar and three Anons observed a grand total of 15 eager people keen to donate money in recognition of the victory.

We then moved on to the Tottenham Court Road "org" where our numbers reached about 60. The Scientologists had two "Stress Test" tables set up outside, but nobody manning them.

The only people who entered were two groups of young lads who were having a laugh. Tony launched into an inspiring rap about disappointed David Miscavige will be when he learns how little the Scientologists are doing to make him money. On our side of the road we had the "scientifically-proven Gullibility Test".

Stefania was hiding inside and dived for cover when we waved at her. Absolutely no confront.

After a discussion of future plans in a neighbouring pub, I was going home past the "org" and observed the Foundation shift receptionist in conversation with a building worker. "It's a cult" - I interjected and the receptionist simply said "He is one of the people who were across the road and now he's going to give you some shit" as I reached for a leaflet. Then he scuttled inside. This time he didn't walk into a closed door.

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