BodyThetan Show - October 152010

From Jens Tingleff The most noteworthy feature of this protest (other than the massive non- confront, but that's not news) was the level of noise. The clams opened with bagpipe music on two (not one) PA speakers which were ear-bleedingly loud. Ouch. Tony countered with a megaphone-into-microphone invention which they could probably hear inside the cult compound.

After a short while, a neighbour showed up and had a word with the policeman and went away. Some time after this, two gentlemen arrived and had long discussions wit the clams. Finally, the clam speakers were shut off. (They had tried turning them down, but in the end the speakers were switched off.) It turned out that the arrival(s) were from Environmental Health, and would we like to turn our megaphone down a little bit, please? We did turn it down. A little bit.

So, having sorted the unacceptable from the perfectly reasonable the protest continued with Tony reminding the In Association of Sucker members who entered that there were about to experience a certain lightness of the wallet. When it started turning dark, we were at full strength for the day (six total), and headed off for better things, leaving the clams to be shouted at by the Tiny Tyrant and to have their pockets emptied.

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