BodyThetan Show - May 16 2009

A windy day with some rain. About a dozen Anons turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Morgue" at 11:00. In the hour we were there, nobody went in and nobody left, and hardly anybody even passed on the street. We used to picket there for two hours, but perhaps in future we will only turn up if they are having an event.

At noon we moved on to Tottenham Court Road, where the numbers reached 30-40. Much more foot traffic, but the Scientologists were not coming out to play. One passer-by actually did go in and come out with what looked like a book in a bag, while being roundly abused by his wife/girlfriend for having wasted his money, as they walked off down the street.

After two hours four Scientologists made an entrance (presumably it had taken them that long to get there from Saint Hill).

The Scientology wall of Dianetics books hiding the body of the shop has now been removed, and Hubbard's Self Analysis is now the featured book (it is available on Amazon from 0.01 plus postage) The Anon theme was Steampunk.

At 3:30 we moved off to a nearby hostelry.

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