BodyThetan Show - October 16 2009

From Hartley Patterson

Around 20 suppressives went to Saint Hill to rain on the annual IAS event. The weather did not, after a gloomy start it was pleasantly sunny. We started in the High Street of East Grinstead for an hour or so, adjourned for a pub lunch, and then made our way to the main gate of the former residence of philosopher and humanitarian L Ron Hubbard.

The police had already set up a tape line for us along the narrow lane. The cult provided some canned bagpipe music over some less than hifi speakers, but these did not drown out our megaphones. Tony was in fine form, reminding attendees to make sure they had their check books, credit cards and/or plenty of cash with them.

Familiar cultists and security guards manned the gate, including important OSA UK spokesperson Janet with her important mobile phone issuing important orders as usual.

The event seemed to be as well attended as last year (boo!), though whether it was as cheerful we know not. We left around 18:00.

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