BodyThetan Show - September 17 2005

A warm sunny day, and six of the regular suppressives, plus a new picketer turned up outside the Tottenham Court Road "org" to un-celebrate "Auditor's Day".

From Tony Yarwood
We pitched up outside the org on Tottenham Court Rd at 1 o-clock which was bang on time, probably a first for us :)

I guess the police have more important things to do these days as there wasn't one single uniform in sight.

Three or four of them did turn up in a car about three quarters of an hour later. They seemed very surprised to find just the seven of us and kept asking were we expecting more. The clams had obviously phoned in to say there were a plague of us outside.

They stayed about five minutes, told us to stay on our side of the pavement, told the clams to stay on their side of the pavement and departed. After that there was no police presence at all. Fair play to the British police I say.

Anyway, the only slight downside was the boom-box started to die a bit towards the end and John's lovely spiel started getting fainter and fainter. Jens assures us that it'll be fixed for next time.

The public were very supportive and we handed out about five hundred leaflets.

All in all a grand day out.

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