BodyThetan Show - October 17 2014

About fifteen "suppressives" turned up in East Grinstead for the IAS bash, back in the UK after a one-year hiatus.

At about 3:30 four of us arrived in the first car - and drove straight into Saint Hill. We were ushered into the parking area, the driver told the parking attendants that he had to fetch some others and drove off, and three of us marched out of the grounds with a big banner saying "CULT" and "". The security was dreadful, the clams were aghast. Eventually somebody demanded that we leave the grounds, which by then we were clearly doing anyway.

Others were playing similar games in other parts of the grounds. We established ourselves, as usual, opposite the main gates, backs to the hedge, standing on the big wooden beams that had been laid there.

Scientology had apparently laid on a neat little 'picketing area' for us behind a fence about fifty yards up the road, next to the coach park, where we would have been out of sight of the vast majority of those arriving.

We made it clear we were not going there and eventually the police let us picket on half of the entrance proper, on Scientology's property. One Scientologist hid in the gate-house, filming us through the window, but they mostly left things to the hired security guards.

We kept up a steady stream of slogans, aimed at those arriving. Security were in total chaos as they didn't know if any more of us were still inside.

Unlike two years ago, there were not the steady stream of empty coaches going in and out, indeed only about five coaches (three French) in all at the car park up the road and another five going through the gates. Maybe about a thousand cars and taxis going through the gates, plus five hundred there when we arrived. Very few foreign-registered cars, unlike two years ago.

By 7:00 only a few nervous stragglers were arriving, so we left for a local hostelry.

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