BodyThetan Show - April 18 2009

A fine sunny day, about 35 Anonymous outside the Queen Victoria Street Ideal Morgue. Stefania wandered around making phone calls, two public entered, and four staffers emerged at various times to buy coffees. Normally we don't get much of a look at the front entrance, as there is a parking area for buses and coaches in front, and while nearby Blackfriars station is closed, there are usually relief buses waiting there. Today was the exception and one could count a grand total of about seven staffers walking around in the entire two hours we were there. That is one per floor. It must get very lonely in there.

We moved on to the Tottenham Court Road bookstore. They had shelves of Dianetics everywhere. But no testing tables outside, no staff visible, no customers (You can't count the regular Saturday afternoon ritual of a couple of lads wandering in, and then wandering out laughing, as customers, but Scientology probably will). Our numbers reached about 40. We had a great day out.

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