BodyThetan Show - August 19 2000

Middle of the holiday season, but the Test Match had finished in two days, so I was free to watch Scientologists instead. I joined two other suppressives (each armed with an inflatable alien) for a couple of hours leafleting, picketing and slogan-shouting outside the Tottenham Court Road 'Org'. We definitely controlled the situation, with only the occasional miserable-looking Scientologist (plus a small girl) pushed out to hand out copies of 'Freedom' Issue 16 (the one wingeing on about the 'Brighton Argus' expose) . The local street-cleaner came past with his bin containing plenty of 'Freedom's but none of our leaflets. Complete support from the passers-by. Hardly any traffic into the 'Org' apart from the half-a-dozen known Scientologists. Interesting chats with passers-by, including family members of one prominent UK Scientologist. This was the third successive week on which there have been mini-pickets at Tottenham Court Road.

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