BodyThetan Show - June 20 2009

A sunny day, with some clouds. Just under twenty Anons turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Morgue" starting at 11:00. In the hour we were there, four staff appeared, plus Stefania, plus one public Scientologist. There were a few tourists passing by, and we urged them all to pass the building as quickly as possible, holding tightly onto their wallets.

At 12:30 we moved on to Tottenham Court Road, where the numbers reached forty. Much more foot traffic, and we passed out a lot of leaflets. Four staff, plus Stefania appeared at various stages, and one public Scientologist went in there for about an hour. There might conceivably have been more customers, but Stefania insisted on complaining about something to a policeman standing outside, next to the door, who called his sergeant, and the two then stood inside the door, being harangued by Stefania for nearly half an hour. It all had no effect other than blocking the entrance. Not that anybody wanted to enter at the time.

At 3:30 it started to rain so we moved off to a nearby hostelry. The Anons stopped at about 4:30. They have returned to the good old pirate theme.

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