BodyThetan Show - November 20 2010

Weather cold but dry. 9 suppressives turned up outside the Queen Victoria Street "Ideal Morgue". For a change, the usual London Transport relief buses were not parked outside the door, so we could see what was going on. Not a lot. About half-a-dozen staff were to be seen, but no public. Again for a change, there were a lot of pedestrians on the street (because of the temporary closure of the Tube line in the area?) rather than the odd few joggers and lost tourists. We received lots of friendly waves and lots of people took photographs , but not a single "public" was seen entering the "org".

Moving on to the Tottenham Court Road bookshop, sorry - "Life Improvement Centre", we found that the lights were on but nobody was at home. The door was locked. Forty minutes later Martin (apparently the only survivor of the Foundation shift) unlocked the door and began his lonely vigil. His normal red tie had been replaced by a black tie. Was this a sign of altered status? He stood inside looking cold, bored and unutterably miserable, while we offered to buy him a pint, indeed several pints, if he would give up his pointless task. He stood there, as if sitting down would send him to the RPF. Our numbers grew to 20. It got colder, and colder.... Not exactly a picture of "straight up and vertical" expansion.

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