BodyThetan Show - December 20 2010

There was a blizzard, so I wimped out and these accounts come from the brave souls who turned out

"9 brave and hardy anons plunged through this morning's snowfall to enturbulate the cult one more time for 2010.

TCR was closed when we arrived, and the door locked, but we pushed the Christmas card we'd brought for Martin under the door. However, 10 minutes later he appeared, picked up the card, glanced at it and pointedly threw it on the pavement. Henceforth he shall be known as Ebeneezer Polak, the Scientologist who stole Christmas.

Anon was not disheartened though, and the kazoo orchestra regaled passers by with a selection of carols. Now in the pub, restoring circulation to our frozen toes with alcohol by the fire."

"In spite of the terrible weather (snow - at least two inches!) and having been to a christmas party the evening before, I picked myself up and managed to get to TCR for the tail end of the demo.

Someone had to mark the anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson who does not have the freedom to chose to go to parties because she took a special treatment devised by the head of the criminal organisation known as the "church" of Scientology, David Miscavige.

Anon performed well in the aftermath of the onslaught of the second enemy, snow.

The kazoo playing was of the Vshut down the cult of Scientology, or we'll keep on playing!V quality. I mean, it was delightful. I hope the video turned out well.

After a brief respite in a local hostelry (with much drying of socks), we went off to troll the "Celebrity Center" which was a bit like a doornail (the CC, that is, not trolling it). One person arrived with a guitar, he must be some sort of celeb :-) The receptionist lady was exceedingly grumpy, and not even playful application of snowballs cheered her up - the cross clamette. Snow was applied liberally in a brilliant ploy of turning one enemy against the other. So, with the clams not being much fun, the snow put up a good effort, but I think we came out even in the end!"

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