BodyThetan Show - January 21 2012

Three "suppressives" turned up outside the "Ideal Morgue" in Queen Victoria Street. Two female police officers also stood outside the "org" to view the exciting events - four staffers and two public turning up. It was like watching paint dry. We could spot who among the trickle of people on the street was destined for the org as everyone else had a spring in their step.

When we moved to Tottenham Court Road there was a lot more foot traffic, but none of it headed for the "Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Centre". Only one person actually entered - and soon left. He crossed the road to tell us that he had just wanted to know what they were all about. We enlightened him. Our numbers grew to seven plus an inflatable Xenu. When it got cold we left for a nearby hostelry where number eight joined us.

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