BodyThetan Show - June 21 2008

About fifteen picketers (half masked) turned up outside the Plymouth "org". There were people from Birmingham, Manchester, London, plus a couple of pirates from somewhere else, and of course the marvellous Plymouth contingent. The day was forecast to be wet, but we got no more than drizzle Perhaps three grumpy Scientologists visible inside the "org". No activity, indeed at one stage in the afternoon there was nobody in the front at all. After a couple of hours we moved off to the main shopping street, which is often used for "stress tests". None on that day for some reason. The passers-by all seemed to know about the "stress tests", indeed one young whipper-snapper claimed to have done it seven times. I'm sure that must have helped the "stats". We were leafletting in the shopping street for a couple more hours. One passer-by actually joined in the picket and accompanied us back to the "org" for another half hour. It was great to meet up with Stu Wyatt and the others. If you look at the map, Plymouth looks an awfully long way away from just about everywhere, but it is actually not such a hike (apart from the guy who got caught in horrendous traffic north of Bristol) I heartily recommend a trip out to Plymouth.

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