BodyThetan Show - January 22 2000

After a few hours of important suppressive activities (whose results will be become public knowledge in due time) a gaggle of anti- Scientologists plus 'Duke' the loveable toy dog (now cleaned - but still showing the mark of bloodstains from a former confrontation) emerged onto the cold but dry London streets to picket the Tottenham Court Road 'org' and encountered an intrepid SP armed with a large voice and a purple blow-up alien who had already been there for hours. We distributed a lot of leaflets, to general public support. The 'org' was even more 'downstat' than usual. Five counter-picketers handed out copies of 'Freedom' and the leaflet that misquotes Einstein plus (a sure sign of internal confusion) the OSA journal 'Winning' with articles in impenetrable Scienobabble - Mike Rinder's Scientology career is finished if he thinks this nonsense should ever be seen by the public. The pitiful Scientology response is probably explained by the fact that there was no sign of Jacques Vollet or any senior Scientologists.
We stopped at about four, when we ran out of leaflets.

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